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New Account Name!

2014-06-20 19:41:23 by crimson-caesar

I have renamed my account if anyone's confused.  My flashes will still say "by Piktack" if you're confused.

In other news, I'm entering the power of four competition.  Hopefully I and my team can make an interesting and fun game for NG. 

Have a great summer!

What's up boys and girls. I'm not dead, quite the opposite. Got a nice new game coming your way, though it's just in its earliest stages. College will be over in a month so I should be able to get going on this baby before then. I hope to will live up to your robotic desires. Here's a little sneak peak. (Just concept art, the actual thing will be higher quality and animated, obviously)
Good things to come.

Update - More Robotic Love

Future Content

2012-09-26 11:45:33 by crimson-caesar

Greetings Fans and Non-Fans!

I should catch ya'll up about my plans for this profile. I do intend to make it much more active with mostly games. I love movies, but I am taking a sweet computer science class at college, so, I want to improve on that.

MEET AND FUCK ROBOT GAMES: There MIGHT be one more, it'll be making fun of the Sim Game style of games in combination with meet and fuck games. Yes, there will be more girls. Otherwise, I feel like the joke has pretty much run its course. You can only beat a dead horse so long.

CAPTAIN FALCON: Yes, there will be more. I'm trying to see if I can fit a Falcon reference in every flash. If the flash itself isn't about him, then they will be small and subtle. Kudos to you if you can spot them. The only flash that does not have this is my first meet and fuck parody.

In the mean time, my current computer does not have flash and will not have flash until Thanksgiving. At that point, I'll work real hard to start making a more substantial fan base. I'd also love to hear what you guys want to see.

Well, until Thanksgiving then, stay classy Newgrounds.

Well, it's done, 21 hours later. It's not nearly as done as I hoped it would be, but its in time for Robot Day!


2011-07-12 21:58:23 by crimson-caesar

YESZ! Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it! It's for you.

Woah... Did I just break 4?!?!? O.o Thank you!!

Greetings Newgrounds!

2010-07-10 21:15:57 by crimson-caesar

My name is piktack, please enjoy my flash.